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Clay target shooting is one of the safest sports in the world.

At Hot Shots Shooting we only have experienced instructors.

Participants must wear fully enclosed shoes and we enforce a strict zero blood alcohol policy.

Before anyone is allowed to handle the firearms they are given a safety briefing.

All participants are given full one on one instruction at all times and the ammunition is controlled by our instructors.

We make use of shooting frames so that participants are unable to turn the firearms in an unsafe direction.

We provide eye protection and hearing protection to all participants.

Hot Shots Shooting’s rules for safe shooting:

  • Only close the gun when you are ready to shoot.
  • Open the gun as soon as you have finished shooting your target.
  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction when closed, even if there is no ammunition in the gun.
  • Only fire when in a safe position (butt of the gun on the shoulder).
  • Everyone must stay behind the line of fire.

Safety is of upmost importance in our sport and at Hot Shots Shooting we ensure that all safety protocols are followed.